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Concrete Floor Polishing

• Seals, strengthens and dust-proofs.
• High degree of shine, similar to marble   and granite.
• Zero film build- No coating to wear   through or recoat.

Food and Beverage Floors

• Thermal shock resistant- no cracking or   delaminating.
• Quick turn around- minimal installation   time needed.
• No harmful fumes- food products are   safe.
• Moisture tolerant- can be installed in a   damp environment

Thin Build Systems

• Perfect for light traffic areas.
• Stops concrete dusting.
• Great for light production areas.

Medium Build Systems

• For moderate traffic areas.
• Moderate abrasion and impact   resistance.
• Spark proof, conductive or E.S.D.   systems available.
• Great for production areas.
High Build Systems

• For heavy traffic areas.
• Great for resurfacing worn areas.
• Spark proof, conductive or E.S.D.   systems available.
• Great abrasion and impact resistance.
Decorative Systems

• Flake and Quartz Broadcast systems.
• Decorative acid staining.
• Slip-resistant or smooth.
• Decorative look, yet very durable.


Waterproofing Membranes

• Creates a impervious waterproof barrier.
• Vibration dampening.
• Excellent base coat for above grade slabs.
Vapor Mitigation Systems

• Stops or reduces pressure.
• Can be finished with any flooring type.
• 5 -10 Year warranties available.
Containment Area Flooring

• Extreme chemical resistance.
• Cove base and burms protect surrounding   areas.
• Spark proof, conductive or E.S.D. systems   available.

Concrete Floor Topping
• Thin Build Systems
• Medium Build Systems
• High Build Systems
• Waterproofing Membranes
• Vapor Mitigation Systems


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